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Saturday, May 7, 2016


*Today is National Scrapbooking Day...here is my page to begin the month of May
in my Project Life Album....I was so happy to see that lavender come up and those budded
branches just made me think that Spring is here...despite the cold, raw and windy weather...

and here is a page from our Travel Album detailing part of our trip to Germany in 1989 : (I also need to revisit our various other trips and cruises....a lot to play catch up on......

this page pictures the central Mozart Platz in Austria; I used (in the smaller middle section) trial quilting stitch fabrics that i saved.  i was checking out Helga for machine quilting and these two flowery pieces remind me of the fabrics and linens available in the German stores....
We had SUCH a lovely trip--i love using both paper and fabric in my albums....my two passions....

and here is another page included in this week's work:

Yes, that is me standing and watching the giant outdoor chess match....(i was so much thinner--and younger  holey moley!! 1989...time flies....) and I love to scrap to look back and to detail today....
on this NSD i have been watching videos, live streams and spending my Scrappin' Saturday relaxing...DH got me a neat pair of headphones so I can listen while the tv is on....he is a true sweetie
hugs to you all--soon going back into sewing mode--the back issue seems to be resolving (fingers crossed)...
Julierose, La Blageuse (scrapeuse)


  1. So you are cross training - exercising those scrapbook muscles! Love it!

  2. Hey, I was in West Germany in 1990! Great memories. That is great news that your back is getting better. Remember to take it slow... don't want a relapse.

  3. I thought of you on Saturday when I saw that it was NSD. I was wondering what you were doing to celebrate...now I know. I love your pages. I really need to set aside some time to get scrappin'. Enjoy your Mother's Day, hope,it is a good one.


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