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Friday, May 20, 2016


Here are the next lovelies--only six more to go after these....

I love the way this line uses different saturations of colors :

I mean, look at that border--so impressionistic...
here's a closer look:
Now, how yummy is that???;--)))
AND more....
And.....who would have thought that that lime green and the turquoise would
look so well together....

the same pattern--but a totally different "feel"...so light and airey...

I won't go through them all, but you get the idea...

With only six left to make, I am hoping that over the weekend I can finish them up....
My piano tuner is due this noontime--as our heat is mainly off, so --
 it's that time for a tune up.... I tried playing yesterday and as a result am sporting my hand
brace today...do so miss my 2+ hrs of practice...every day....

I have set up a double page spread of my garden here at this house from its inception
to last year --uh...BEFORE the deer ate all my gorgeous blood-red lilies...so, I guess I'll be filling my time with reading and scrapping--not so bad, after all--with my CD playing; humming along to the Chopin Nocturnes I worked so hard on...and so it goes  (Hi Mom & Dad);))))

Tonight will be a  meatloaf and baked potatoes with the ubiquitous salad for a side....
I may make a Krusteaz cinnamon coffee cake for breakfast tomorrow, too...
if the spirit moves me

hugs--- and here's to a happy and fruitful weekend for you all...

Julierose, La Blageuse (get that sewing done-euse!!)


  1. Oh dear, what a shame about the lilies! However you sound to be keeping busy on other things rather than gardening at the moment. Good for you having only six more blocks to go it's going to be a lovely quilt. I have been thinking of what to have for our main meal tonight, your proposed meal sound just right!

  2. I just love how your blocks are turning out. My "free" piano will need some love someday. There are a couple of keys that stick, and no front piece, it was saved from the dumpster from a catholic school that was closing. Jeff's mom probably played on it when she was a lass. :D

  3. A simple block but very effective.

  4. Love these blocks! You're flying through this project! I haven't had my piano tuned in years. Needs it so badly!The deer are a problem around my house also. They've been nibbling at one of our trees all winter. They've just about died. Oh, well, time for new ones!

  5. loving those blocks! so so pretty. ask a local hairdresser for the hair that they cut off. spread it around the garden and the deer smell human and wont bother eating. it smells like danger to them.


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