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Sunday, May 22, 2016


           You can start to visualize how these will be going together now--nine done--
twenty-six left to go...they most likely won't be in this order--just taking them as they come from this pile of 35-

-(N.B.: the 42" white strips from that now infamous Honeybun --not MY honey!!--
are just about making it for both bottom and left hand borders--I will definitely have to
trim all of these blocks before sewing them together....ack!!And so it goes...)

On the garden front--my iris have tentatively begun to bloom--a few brave souls are
showing their white flags....
                            they are lemon scented and get more beautiful each year....

With today's rain, I expect more to emerge....

   .... these look about ready to spring open.....

It is "mizzling" out there today (mist+drizzle--is this a word??) and very gray....I will
be making minnestrone soup for our dinner and drop rolls to go with.....

Julierose, La Blageuse (sewing-euse)


  1. Lemon scented! How good that must be.

  2. Love your blocks! They will look wonderful all together. It didn't rain at all up here today. We were expecting rain but got nothing. My husband planted all our flowers today. He has the green thumb, not me! Enjoy your dinner!!

  3. I would be right there for supper but we had family reunion today and i am stuffed!

  4. hmmmm flowers and quilts and dinner. what could be better than that? I'll be right over........LOL love love love that quilt!
    and your iris are so so pretty. mine are out and pretty too.

  5. Thank you for sharing your iris, they don't grow here. Lemon-scented! Sounds lovely. Mom had some deep purple ones that smelled like grapes.
    I think you having fun with these fabrics. I'm sure the quilt will be stunning.

  6. Your Iris are pretty. My grandmother used to have a yard full of them. Your blocks are looking great.

  7. Mizzling is an awesome word! Lemon scented iris - they look and sound divine.


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