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Thursday, October 24, 2019


   I decided to do straight  (sort of hahaha) .....
                            line quilting on my Autumn Snowballs.

I managed the 16 rows in this direction this afternoon....and 
Tomorrow I will be winding bobbins and giving my poor 
shoulders a rest... 
Hoping on Saturday to finish in the North-South direction 
through the centers

This took me 2.5 hours...my walking foot kept on jiggling out of
place--I think the screw hole for the ankle has worn down 
through the years..I had to keep on tightening it...ugh....
Helga is aging, too, it seems...;000

Thom and I went to Big Y food shopping this morning hoping that I would be able to
NOT HAVE TO GO on Friday, Saturday or Sunday-- as I always seem to be running out of
something or other...

Leftovers tonight---from last night's Taco dinner--we mix the seasoned meat in with some
rice and have re-fried beans and salad on the side..easy and good with a few
 x-tra shakes of  cumin and chili powder...YUM!! 

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (quilting-euse)


  1. Good going, looks like you are halfway there. I presume you will be stitching across the blocks the other way. Machine quilting can be hard work, I find that too, sore shoulders and neck. Don't forget to get up and stretch now and then while you are working on this.

  2. Looks so good and dinner sounds yummy. I will be over with dessert and finish that quilt for ya. *wink*

  3. Looking good! Yikes the walking foot. I don't blame Thom. I hate doing any shopping Friday, Saturday or Sunday. I need to run out and get pony tail holders for a project.

  4. It is simply beautiful - is it a gift or for yourself? Hopefully you will finish Saturday. Guess even machines get tired.
    You like things spicy I see - not me!

  5. Straight line quilting is very effective. The east-west, north-south is going to look good.

  6. You did that so quickly! At least it seems fast to me. It looks great! Dinner sounds very good!

  7. I always have to tighten the screw on the walking foot after each 'line' too. We had taco's tonight too! Good idea for the leftovers.... although we tend to pop the meat onto lettuce and add cheese and salsa and sour cream.... and whatever veggies I can find in the crisper!

  8. Good for you!! Always remember - finished is better than perfect (wise words from Angela Walters).

  9. Wow, I love this quilt Julierose, beautiful colours! We know try and make a shopping trip on Tuesday each week, I take time to prepare a list but even then you can bet that a couple of days later I find I'm missing something!

  10. When I saw the first picture on my reader list I thought "Now that's a pretty quilt!". Love it.

  11. This quilt is beautiful! The colors look autumn-y but could still pass for spring with all the beautiful rosy shades on the right. Just really lovely!

  12. As I written before, it’s a beautiful quilt. Luscious colors. I have trouble quilting these days, too. It’s hard to maneuver the quilt anymore.


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