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Tuesday, October 15, 2019


    I spent the afternoon setting up this area for my junk journaling (JJ)....

I use a LOT of STUFF!!  This JJ station is right behind my sewing machine
and off to the right from diamond painting area...

[I can roll my office chair around on the hardwood floor 
to the three different work stations...]

Thank heavens for my IKEA cart--its upper  two 2 shelves 
hold most of the items I use for JJ (lotsa "stuff"); 
and the bottom one holds diamond painting items...
and framing needs...

            Here is the "L-shaped" set up for JJ'ing and DP-ing...

Behind, in this pix, is my cutting table --
a rescued item from when Thom taught Middle School 
that they were going to heave out during a remodel...

It didn't have any top so, 
Thom attached an old door which he sealed for the top...
We like to re-use and re-purpose here....;))))

Those drawers hold all my dies and the 3rd drawer is my "drawer
of shame"--items that never worked out...(gulp!!);000
I had stored all my JJ stuff in boxes and had to haul it all out today--
but I have found most of what I intend to use for now...needless to
say I am pretty knackered...but have a dedicated spot for JJ-ing.
so that makes me happy...

I am SO lucky to have a dedicated craft room for myself...
I used to have to pull everything out and work on our dining 
room table and then
put it all away each time...yikes!!

I hope you are enjoying this spate of gorgeous weather...

We have a big storm coming in tomorrow and we are going
to a friend's 80th (yes 80th!!) birthday party about one hour's
drive away--so wish us luck with that drive..

hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (multi-crafting-euse)


  1. Oh my goodness what a fantastic set up - I love it. I want that IKEA item for myself. I need shelves. You have everything there don't you? sandie

  2. I want that table Thom fixed for you. Wonderful.

  3. Great space for your very diverse projects. I too used to work on the dining table, and since it's open plan w the living room and kitchen and deck, it looked like such a mess...but then: Ocean View! And good light. A few years ago I redid a small office area for my sewing room. No redo budget so it's not attractive, but it functions. I love walking away and just leaving everything as is..

    I hope the storm isn't too bad for us! I bungeed everything to protect from the wind.


  4. Nice set up. Makes it easier to be creative.

  5. perfect creative station -
    I agree I love having my own room!

  6. I love my cart too--I think I need to get a second one! I like your crafty corner set-up--so much more fun to have everything at your fingertips!

  7. So much easier to have everything at hand. Way to go.
    Good luck on your trip.

  8. I love your creative craft station! You've got everything you need so close. Great use of space!

  9. I love my IKEA cart too. It follows me back and forth when I quilt at the frames. It has thimbles, scissors, pins, all my quilting threads, stencils, spray bottle, and extra notions etc. in it. It makes everything so convenient.

  10. Hi Julierose, I had to go back and read your posts on junk journaling. I have repurposed an old book into a journal once and it was so much fun to work on. I'd forgotten about that. Love your set up there with your stations and handy reach between the three.

  11. Oh my I would be wearing out the floor rolling from spot to spot. Great use of space and that Thom is a keeper. Love that drawer storage

  12. That looks like a great setup. I have a dedicated room but I use it for storage and still do my sewing and art on the main floor on the dining room table.


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