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Thursday, October 31, 2019

I LIKE # 19 (I think?)

                                               For some unknown reason--
                                                HALLOWEEN WITCHERY I think!!
                                                     I cannot post
                                                            ANY  pictures today...;((((

                                                                Sorry Lee Anna and

                                                                              Back next time

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (I don't like Halloween anyway-euse....)


  1. You have a field of autumny snowballs there, Julierose. Happy they are not the real kind! Yeah, I had a massive glitch yesterday and am still puzzled. I never thought of Halloween gremlins, LOL.

  2. I couldn't yesterday and went back a couple of hours later and it worked just fine, no trouble today either

  3. I had trouble getting Mo's Halloween pics up too! The goblins have taken over at Blogger.

  4. Me again.
    Now it is out entirely. You can try emailing pics to yourself, or pasting on a word doc. the right click for Copy Image, and paste into your blog. Be sure to resize photos loaded this way as they are huge.

    Hope you are okay w this storm!

  5. Hi Julierose,happy Halloween,hope your glitches are fixed today,hmm maybe gremlins,lol,hope you also have a wonderful weekend xx

  6. I liked the comment by one little boy at the door last night..."your house isn't scary at all!" I said, that's the way we like it! LeeAnna


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