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Wednesday, October 23, 2019


                          Remember my Autumn Snowballs quilt?

I began machine quilting it this morning.....
                       I did straight "holding lines down the print sashings

and then...
                               How am i going to quilt those blocks?  

Maybe just an all-over grid? (I only do walking foot quilting...)
or just tie the rest? Or hand quilt it? 
I am tempted to handquilt around all the little snowballs...
(and "hello",,,,to another year's work?   hahaha)

I've laid it out on the dining room table to ponder
how to continue...

I love making quilts--it's really the finishing that I find difficult and
frustrating...any suggestions? 

Another grand pause has arrived....this is what happens when I try to 
finish UFO's....not the part I like the best....;000

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (wondering-euse)


  1. It's such a pretty quilt, it deserves hand quilting. A big baptist fan would give it a lovely texture. I'm a very slow hand quilter but have found baptist fans are very easy and quick to quilt, as long as I don't get too distracted by the TV that is!

  2. It sure is an interesting quilt. You can't just glance and be done, you have to examine all the colors and combinations. I'd just quilt the grid and call it done. Then you can go on to the next quilt in the queue.

  3. It looks great! I would probably stitch in the ditch around each square. You wouldn't have to mark it. I hate marking!!

  4. It's beautiful, I think hand quilting - but I don't know how to quilt!

  5. Quilt straight lines like in the print.start with the center of the snowballs then in between until you like it.

  6. Go online and do some surfing of FMQ designs - there are LOTS of them for walking foot work (and Leah Day has a whole book devoted to walking foot quilting).

  7. I love your hand quilting, so I would lean toward hand quilting around 1/4 inside each snowball.

  8. I have never hand quilted, nor will I ever with the current state (carpal tunnel) of my hands. Do you want to wait awhile if you decide to hand quilt it? It depends, of course, on its ultimate purpose. For you? Then no rush. A gift quilt might have a quicker timeline. What about a diagonal grid with your walking foot? If it needs more quilting than that, there’s always in-the-ditch. Or meandering wavy lines with the walking foot.... or a fancier large wave stitch (#4 on a Bernina)? Lots of possibilities. Enjoy!

  9. Such lovely fabrics. The snowballs are quietly rich looking and work so well with the sashing.

  10. Your gut (and the quilt) will tell you how it would like to be finished off. Happy finishing.

  11. Beautiful quilt. I face the same dilemma all the time! Good luck


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