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Friday, October 11, 2019


                      Here are the two fabrics I've chosen for the back of Turkey Lurkey...
                                    I just love those golden pears
                                            and the autumn leaves...

                         Here's a better shot of the leaves and berries....

I plan to make 3 blocks with the pears holding center stage....
They will be 15.5 inches square each...
I think I can manage to cut them tomorrow....hopefully...


And here is the beginning of my LARGE (ohmygosh--really large!!)
diamond painting, entitled : "Beach Dunes"

I had started this one before my eye issues began....

                  This will be my first "landscape" diamond painting...
                             [and perhaps the last....]

Those long swaths of the same color are difficult to get evenly spaced
...which you can see on the top light blue rows--placing those diamonds 
has to be precisely done; and this canvas, lovely as the image is,
has pretty light lines for placement...the drills are tiny little 
squares and tend to want to go their own way.....

I had been going really slowly and doing the
same color in a checkerboard fashion to help set the drills evenly...
but there is still "gapping" going on...;(((. I am hoping that
from a distance it will not be so obvious...as this is a huge project
and will take a lot of time and effort....
B U T . . . . 
I will have to wait a while longer before attempting any diamond
painting work....but this is where it stands for now...
I want to thank everyone who sent good wishes, thoughts and prayers
for me...they were so appreciated...;)))

FYI for those who have asked...

I did go to my eye doctor almost 3 weeks ago now and have 
since been told
that these things "take time"--- and I am a testament to that!!;(((

The 👀 infection itself is over; but the stubborn STY is still in evidence; 
so . . .
I am using warm compresses and massage to try to get it to 
disappear...and it has gotten smaller.

I want to thank you,  Barbara for sending me this lovely squishy care 
package to lift my spirits...so sweet...love that Santa and the 
reindeer is just so cute...I am thinking of Christmas placemats for
Fiona and Willa...

        Such lovely Christmas fabrics and a pretty, golden/orange leafy print...

I am happy to be back blogging and working on my sewing once 
again....even just part time...

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse...


  1. Wow that is a big diamond painting canvas. Glad it is getting better, I know much to slowly for you, but it is getting better. Enjoy the day.

  2. That's a pretty diamond painting. Love your new fabrics, too. Glad you are back to blogging, been missing you.

  3. eyes have so many nerve endings... A few years back I had a chalizion (spelling?) and the treatment was compresses, time, and using johnson's no tears baby shampoo to wash the eye and eyelash folicles. We still use the shampoo sometimes to make sure we don't have a repeat. Ask you doctor if that might help... it's for hair folicle infections.

  4. just hope you keep on improving! I work on smaller diamond paintings.

  5. So nice to have you blogging again. Your poor eyes must have been rather painful so I'm pleased the infection has now gone.

  6. Get better and better each day. Dont overdo. Glad you are back in the saddle again.

  7. I hope you keep on improving and that you get rid of the sty soon. I like your autumnal fabrics a lot - lovely warm colours.

  8. I look forward to seeing how your develop your quilt back. I'm glad you're eye is improving even if not quickly. Best wishes.

  9. It sounds like you're getting better. Just take it easy and rest. I love your backing fabric. So pretty! The diamond painting looks difficult but I'm sure you'll know exactly what to do! It's great to have you back!


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