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Monday, October 21, 2019


                Just  L👀K at  what Dawn sent me today....;)))

Three "Paw Print" mugrugs with hearts in memory of our darling Kota 
who has passed away... how sweet is that...;))))

She was just a sweetheart of a doggie...we all miss her so much....
We are thankful that we were able to have her in our lives....

Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift, Dawn...
much appreciated...💝
And what is in that little round tin up there in the corner, you ask?

                                       These four lovely magnets
                                             Aren't they pretty?
                             Dawn, you are such a talented crafter....

Hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (thankful for such a good friend-euse)


  1. What a nice friend that did that for you! I love everything!

  2. Awe sweet mug rugs in memory of Kota. Cute magnets.

  3. Hope those mugrugs give you a little Kota hug every time you use them and think of her. Hugs and kisses my friend

  4. So sorry about your doggie. What a thoughtful gift and a good friend.

  5. Lovely gifts! Thanks for sharing them with us.


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