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Monday, October 14, 2019

JUNK JOURNALING [aka Bad turkeys]

                       MY HANDMADE TRAVELER'S NOTEBOOK

After the Turkey Lurkey Family decided not to cooperate this morning--as in:

                oh, the batting needs trimming, uhhh
               ohhh---- now the backing does, and now
                    I see that the top itself is not even...
                         [This ever happen to you??] 
I got so frustrated--I mean if i keep on trimming it up it'll
fade away into nothingness!!  
Mine eyes have not seen the "glory" ;)))
of these turkeys--this top is a "T U R K E Y"  

so, before I did anymore cutting, I put it away for another day...

[I hung them on a hanger facing in--there that ought to
SHOW THEM !!:00000]

My eyes are not reliable--at least......
I'd like to think that is the reason....
S I G H 
And so, onto My TN (Traveler's Notebook) Junk Journaling:

Ahhhh...playtime...papers, glue, scissors, (no rocks hahaha)

I made this one from scratch last year to chronicle
Late Fall into Winter and Christmastime....

This morning I turned to these pages and began :

This is about Thom's making his {our family's} famous spaghetti sauce....

I backed the pages with a Wintery scene and glued various items 
on top and did some pen work..
and added my whimsical sewn selvages to the sides...
                I have an old, falling apart cookbook that I tore up and added for the wording....

                     Clouds, snowflakes, hot cocoa...comfort on a cold, cold day...
Here is a picture of the opening pages spurring me on....
    I have used old scrapbooking cards, stickers and photos of bare Autumn trees...these pages
                                       are a preview of Fall into Winter scenes...

                   THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY...
I needed to just PLAY around and have fun...make a "hot mess"  
               "Girls Just Gotta Have Fun..."

So mes amies, Mr. & Mrs. Turkey-Lurkey (bad bad turkeys!!)
 are in the dog--uh turkey-- house for now...
maybe this "time out" will make them behave...
hopefully, my eyes will return to normality soom..

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (journaling-euse)


  1. Your scrapbooking pages are wonderful! So much to see.
    Naughty Turkeys can wait their turn... you have plenty of time before they are needed.

  2. So the turkeys are in time out? LOL Love your journal page.

  3. I just love your scrape book - they are so fun to make and they mean so much to others. I have had a uncooperative day myself. Maybe the turkeys will work tomorrow.

  4. Hopefully they will learn their lesson and behave once you decide their time out is over! Love your journal pages. So creative and fun.

  5. It's a shame those turkeys are being so uncooperative! Perhaps being locked up for a while will make them come to their senses. Meanwhile, the journal looks like fun.

  6. You'll figure out those bad turkeys! I love your journal. It looks like so much fun! That's why it's nice to have a few projects going. You work on whatever project you feel like!

  7. Your scrapbook really shows the turkeys how to play nicely.

  8. Baddddddddd Turkeys.....thank's for the giggle.

  9. I love your Junk Journal pages, so exuberant and fun!

    I m sorry you re having issues w the Turkeys, but Bad Turkeys made me laugh!

  10. Are you talkin turkey with us? Or did your turkeys trot into timeout themselves? I can see as it gets closer to the holiday how they want to stay clear of the table.lol

  11. Oh my goodness your junk journaling is even more creative than your quilting!! So much fun on those pages. Sorry you are still struggling with your eyes. BAD turkeys- so funny you turned them around.

  12. Bravo!! Journaling us healthy reflection. Have fun, keep sharing. I love to all the interesting things people make.


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