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Sunday, November 17, 2013


(All my pix are crooked--sorry!!)

Faithful Melody block "Toute Fini"!  It took me at least 3 days to add the second round of hst's and still
the points are cut off--(sigh)!  But, I am content to have discovered just how to work with them.....pour moi--not too soon again....(LOL).
This is done! Just back and quilt....

And here are the other two on my Design Wall this morning to be finished--

 That Zig Zaggy--that "zigged when it should have zagged" in a few places!
A tabletopper to be......

AND.....still waiting for me to either re-cut that tree and bird or attempt to salvage them as is:

My Jan Patek "Cabin in the Woods" applique.... any suggestions from you appliquers out there??

SO: in reality, these 3 projects were "learning"--trying to find out what I like, what I am able to do fairly easily and what I need to WORK ON--the skills that need honing....................

I put Wonder Woman Woven Wall away--it still needs to be tied and then kantha'd (is this a word??)

And my Sea Glass needs borders; and, and,,,,,the rest of this year is going to be dedicated to a huge FINISH UP --hopefully by 12/31!

I feel these projects hanging over me--I know they can wait, but I'd really like to start afresh in the New Year as I am enrolled in the CQJP2014 for one block/month--which involves learning new hand stitches and producing a completed crazy quilt block each month!

 Hopefully, my hands will tolerate this stitching....I am excited to be using ALL kinds of fabrics: silks, knits, moires, wool, old laces , embroideries...etc.  This will be my long term project for 2014.....

So, for today, this is where I am at...........

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Wow...amazing the variety of projects you are working on and learning from! You go girl!! And I love the zig zag...looks like an intentional modern interpretation to me!!

  2. I think your projects are coming out great! I like your applique the way it is. It seems as though you planned for it to extend into the border. I find your projects so fun and interesting!

  3. Gosh you have a lot going on! I love the bright splashes of the red in your Faithful Melody block. Colourful zig zags are a favourite of mine and your Jan Patek piece is lovely - I could see that on the wall over the Christmas festivities.

  4. Gee, I thought you meant to do that with your Zig Zag. It looks very artistic this way - you don't follow the crowd, or there's one in every crowd sort of a thing. I like it this way....
    As for your applique, it's very Grandma Moses.... leave it, too. It's quite the primitive look, very artistic. I love it.

  5. I love the 3 projects on your design wall. It's great to have variety so you don't get bored with one project.

  6. love all of them. the feathered friend looks good. once quilted you may not even "see" your missing points.
    the zigzag I LOVE. and besides, WHO always Zigs when they should have anyway??? LOL
    love them all! finish em up and get on with new skills and fun! enjoy the process......looking great!

  7. Your zigzag is so eye catching and your little house is sweet. I am also doing
    CQJP2014, look forward to seeing your blocks
    Cheers Pauline


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