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Saturday, November 9, 2013


Wonder Woman Woven Wall is finally all basted; today I began to tie it.

It is so H U G E (15" blocks) that I have yet to determine if I will do the Kantha Stitching.

So far,( while my "night owl DH" is sleeping in on this Saturday) I have done about 1/4 of the tying............using this new product I found at Michaels

Since this quilt appears to be old and tattered and has raw edges, I decided that a softer and more natural tying thread should be used to keep the "aged look".

So far I like how it feels.

Looks like my lady approves, too!

I have raw edge appliqued many "fussy cut" flowers  (some used as headdresses for the women) and have also sprinkled them across the surface along with various leaves to move the eye around (hopefully).
My quilting friend, Jean, was over this week to take my fabric donations to the group that makes quilts for children in hospitals and she like the older look.  As I do.

My fair ladies bid you a wonderous weekend filled with the joys of quilting..
Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. I think the Kantha stitching would look great!

  2. I admire your many ideas. I love your older look too. Gorgeous.
    Enjoy some time in your sewing room and take care.

  3. That crochet thread looks interesting. I've never seen it before. Looks great!!

  4. The effect of Kantha stitching is amazing I feel - it would lovely on your quilt

  5. Very creative! I love it. Would be nice to see in in person! You have a great weekend also!


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