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Monday, November 11, 2013


My Pig-Tailed Dreamer is holding the Triangle marker that I picked up at
JoAnne's today; in hopes that his method of making HST's will be good for me.....

My DH is out at his Monday night band rehearsal and I am watching Netflix': MidSomer Murders...

I have cut some 2" squares with my AQ GO!Baby--( a good portion of which didn't
get cut through and left also a lot of threads hanging!!); since my shoulders and
arms are sore lately I used it even though I really am not happy with it!  
Here they are all stacked up on my SandBoard dark/light, ready to be marked.  

i hope to get to sewing them tomorrow....

I thought I'd post a few questions to those of you who own an AccuQuilt cutter:
Which model do you have? and Do your dies stay sharp--is it,do you think,  the cutting boards that get too etched??  I really have relied upon this cutter as my arthritis worsens....

Well, off to marking and to trying to solve the mystery...hmmmmh, there's one person I instinctively don't like--it would be TOO easy for him to be the murderer....Just love my mysteries....

Hugs to you all on this very chilly (and with a cold NW wind coming up) and getting
chillier night....hugs to all
Your Julierose, La blageuse


  1. Hey Julierose! We've chatted about my cutting system. I say call the company for a replacement. It should cut all the way through for you. I have one of those marking tools! I needed a kick in the head that it is for marking these type of squares! I have a stack I need to get done! Thanks for the kick in the head!

  2. I think I have that same triangle maker but I haven't even used it yet. We're getting snow showers in the morning. Not looking forward to that!

  3. I know those pesky HST can be a pain. especially since they are a lot of work and if they don't line up fro you, it is disappointing. hope you find a method that works for you.

  4. I do hope things work out better for you. I agree, I would contact the company and see what they can do.


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