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Thursday, November 28, 2013


My "Christmas Cactus" decided to put on a bloom fest for us this Thanksgiving!

I have 4 plants --2 of each color--that I collected the past few years..............

I think I like  that red, green and the glorious pink (with perhaps a bit of cream)
for quilt colors---what do you think?

Off to make my apple pies for tomorrow....peel, peel, chop, chop, measure, measure, trim crust, trim crust, oops--don't forget the butter-butter!  (LOL) 
Can you guess I'm making TWO???? 

Since I am not hosting thanksgiving this year and I visited Mom yesterday I had 
time this morning to step  into my sewing place: I (foolishly) decided to sweep up the floor --(I do that once a year whether it needs it or not --ROTFLOL) 
one thing led to another--and I ended up in there for TWO hours--re-arranging my old projects and putting them up on my now-renamed: 

                                       "WALL OF SHAME"  !!! 

Absolutely nothing new will I do  until I finish these  few (or give them away to someone....)  There are things there from the 1970's---I mean really!!

AND of course, then I had to put labels on new containers and start to try to organize both fabrics and scraps...ongoing, ongoing (what is with with 2 today??)
SO....while I was in there, I started sneezing (maybe dust--ya think?) or from handling all those strips and scraps and strings of fabric--??? 

I think I'll have to W A S H  IT  A L L !!!!  OOOH NOOOOO!!!!

I complained to DH and he said (being the typical functionally minded person he is)
Why don't you wash all the reds, then blues etc and THEN you can also rearrange
them after....(S I G H !!)  It is a good method--but a daunting prospect

To be continued---ad nausem.......

I will end here, this was supposed to be a short two picture posting today...
And so it goes...plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose....and all that jazz

Hugs, Julierose La blageuse


  1. Happy Thanksgiving! I need to organize my sewing room too but then I'll never be able to find anything!!

  2. Lovely Christmas cacti - hope you enjoy your apple pies and best of luck with your re-washing and re-arranging - sounds a mammoth task! Hope you have/have had a Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Great post,love the Christmas cactus.x

  4. Love your "Christmas" Cactus. I did make a pink and red quilt for an Open House event at the Project Linus coordinators home. All scrappy and paper pieced.
    We are having dinner here, white cake with red jello poked into the cake. We used to have that all the time in the late 50s it was the rage. Have a wonderful day.

  5. I did the take it all out, re-fold it, and put it back by color on open shelves last year - and I have NEVER regretted the effort. I LOVE having the colors visible - and I do shop my stash MUCH more than before (actually USING it instead of just storing it). Best wishes to you as you dig into your's . . . enjoy the process!

  6. your cactus are so pretty. I need to organize too. my stuff is all over the place. then when I find it, it was oh, there is that fabric>. ugh.........

  7. my friends is blooming now too! pretty -


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