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Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Welcome back my old friend, Inga!

I bought her in 1996 and she gave me many wonderful years of straight seam sewing.

AND SO:  Out she has come......to save the day!

I am totally exhausted from trying to hold my fabric in Helga (my new Viking)!
I set up INGA this afternoon; cleaned her, oiled her, and re-read her manual...and
set up my "scant 1/4" seam" (a la Bonnie Hunter--see that little clear sticky
re-positionable plastic scotch mounting tape in front?) and sewed on my fun
Santa project...which I will post about later....WHAT A GAL!!

The seam stitching is so nice; I had forgotten how straight those
 feed dogs grab and pull...it means using my own power for "needle-up/needle-down", but ...............................................................
it's worth it to get such a nice finish and ease of sewing. 

I am thinking that Helga, with her big harp, will be my "quilting" machine and 
Inga will be my  piecer--perhaps it will slow me down  a bit too--not a bad thing. 

Here's my little corner set up (a little tease on those Santas on the left  hahaha).

I will tell you one thing--this girl is S O L I D!!  Heavy and stable--no shakey table here.  I also resurrected my old drop in table that I bought (when we really couldn't afford it) from my extra piano teaching master classes I used to hold on one Saturday a month--back in the "olden" days...oh how I love drop-in tables. 

SO....this is my snowy afternoon tale for you today...................

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. I'm a Pfaff girl, through and through. I turned in an older, mechanical model for a computerized one only because I liked the computer features. The old one still sewed like a champ.

  2. I am so glad that you have worked things out. I love sewing on a straight stitch only machine. My seam allowances are more accurate and my triangles don't gut sucked down into the hole!

  3. drop in sewing surfaces are the best! have fun with your machine, it's got really cute markings!

  4. I'm a PfAff fan too. Solid and reliable.
    Hmmm. Santas are coming?

  5. Hello Julie,
    it's so beautiful to read about your Inga.
    Enjoy your day and take care

  6. What a great story!! I bet Inga is happy to be back out sewing up a storm for you!!

  7. looks good. show us , show us your project. I love it when you bond with machine. I had one that was like my right hand. this one that I am using now is ok, but we have not bonded that closely yet.

  8. Sometimes our older machines are the best! Inga must be so happy!


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