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Friday, November 29, 2013


Here is a test run of my adventure in Crazy Quilting.....I signed on for the CQJP2014 project which runs for the whole year--one block per month.....(this one will not be included--it's just a trial for myself--when I saw the work online during the year on their site, I sort of went CRAZEE --had these dreams of fanciful blocks full of laces, ribbons and stitches, shell buttons, ephemera-- you name it!....and so...I began to try out new stitches...............


For this underwater scene I drew-stitched (as I went along) some ocean floor flora.  This was such fun choosing threads and making it up on the fly!! I think this will be a little pillow...

I am planning out my theme for January-December 2014; tomorrow I go to JoAnnes to buy muslin backing to stitch on.  

Hugs to all from this frigid Friday--
P.S.  Everyone @ my son's has awakened with the flu this morning--sick all night long....so we are going to my daughter's instead of to MA this morning....
you just never know......Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Love your crazy patchwork stitching and the picture in the middle is heavenly!

  2. your crazy quilting is nice. I tried it once........lots of stitching........

  3. Beautiful stitching! Looks so intricate. Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving and that your son is better!

  4. Love it! If this is your test run I can't wait to see your monthly blocks!

  5. Oh my goodness it is wonderful. so glad you are playing in 2014. xo

  6. I love crazy quilts! I can't wait to see what you do in 2014. Hopefully it will inspire me to take a class, or at least give it a go.


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