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Monday, January 5, 2015


So I'm looking through my storage closet at old boxes of sewing stuff I really have never unpacked since our move some....er.... 10 years ago!!  (No comments, please lol)
AND..................You know, Life is Funny...

I come across one  BIG CARDBOARD ONE marked "Sewing Stuff".  I take it down, open it to find my Mom's crafts, some old needlepoint hanks of wool, a few partially made plastic needled coasters and.......

What is THIS in the bottom?  A cute plastic bin??? What had I stashed in there....my brain being the fuzzy thing it is today after sitting for 3 hours in the waiting room while my DH had a procedure (he's fine, by the way)  anyhow.............

I snap it open and there, Right before my eyes are a ga-zillion little freezer paper hexagons at 1/2" per side all stapled in batches that I had evidently cut up long ago--WHAAAAA.....????? One was labeled --hexie  pattern!! Made out of sandpaper--I used that stuff a whole lot when I began quilting.  
I guess I had begun a project with them because there also were these:

some little samples--ohhh, that's right--I do  recall sending for a bunch of samples from Keepsake Quilting---ohmygosh--that WAS  around 1986--or so, I'll bet. 
Being the frugal moi,  I must have thought --now what can I do with these (As you well know, I hate to throw any fabric out at all--)

Some were plain, some ready to baste and a bunch ready to be whipped together.  Darned if I can recall what I had in mind though...

I put a penny on top so you can see just how small they are.  So, I immediately got out my labeller and labelled that box !!  Also, I noticed that thee allowances are scant on two sides--well, no matter, I saw a lot basted, so I must have managed....

And right now, just  since Christmas, I have been  thinking of making my next hexie project in 1/2" size, but I was hesitant.......................

because I didn't know if my hands would be okay with such small pieces. 

I  had to whip a few together--(while DH slept on the couch) --they do go fast...and NOW
I think I need some graph paper and some research into patterns. 

BECAUSE: so far so good with my hands....actually, I find that  the tiny ones are easier to hold...

I would dearly love to make a "La Passion"--this  has set my mind awhirl with possibilities.... for fabrics...right in my stash (but of course mes amies--le diet fabique)....

I now have begun a small project with these  for a good buddy  (shhh it's a secret, can't show it yet--darn the blankey heck!!) . But it will be cute as the dickens....

Nothing like a little serendipitous JOY to make your day...
Julierose , La Blageuse-Joyeuse...


  1. Amazing! Enjoy your new/old project.

  2. What a lucky find, we'll be watching for these in a coming project!

  3. Wow...jackpot!!! Look forward to seeing what you do with these cuties!!

  4. What great finds! I've never paper pieced but I'm taking a class in a couple of weeks. We'll see how it goes :)

  5. dont you love when you find a treasure like that? those guys are so so cute but oh so teeny tiny. have fun!

  6. I love hexies and would LOVE to make La Passion, but I'm not sure that I'd live long enough to finish it - ha! I can't wait to see what you're going to do with those adorable little hexies.

  7. Love it Julierose! What was sandpaper? The Hexie shapes you cut way back when? Or were they freezer paper? Just curious! I have some advice for you in regards to the small seam allowance and freezer paper hexies. Try my method of basting for EPP! Double up the freezer paper with shiny sides down and iron them together to make a stiffer Hexie. Then use starch to paint the seams and iron them dry. Works great! I'm sure you've seen my posts about this? Is perfect for small seam allowances!!

    1. Oh thanks Missie--I will try this for the remaining orts of fabric lol--The sandpaper was for the template --so it wouldn't slip. My DH had some sandpaper that had a back that was sticky--so I traced on paper and glued sandpaper to the back and cut carefully--I had no templates in those days only my homemade ones. I also only cut with scissors after marking long lines with a yardstick--talk about olden days, huh? hugs, Julierose

  8. What a fun treasure to rediscover!

  9. What a fabulous find! I do remember those little K.Q. samples - clever girl for making such good use of them! I can't wait to see what you are making with those tiny little hexies!

  10. C'est une bien jolie découverte que tu as fait là !! En plus, avec les tissus de ta mère.....amuses-toi avec et fais-nous un joli quilt avec des hexies !!

  11. Speaking of serendipitous JOY - reading your blog. I don't feel so badly about my moving boxes still unopened. Thank you for that! And I found some hexies roughly cut, but not formed yet in the scrap bin. It's what I do with the over cuts. I cut a bunch of yellows expecting to make some of those colors in with the pinks that I used for the Mrs. Claus project. Then I changed my mind and dumped the yellows. I've brought them out to my little plastic container of hexies. Maybe this year I'll make a yellow version of the pink one.
    Anyway - we are still "sisters", if not twins. Our lives run parallel...

  12. Amazing the things we can forget about. But a fun thing to find! Looking forward to seeing what you do with this tiny hexies.

  13. What a great discovery! I'm sure you'll enjoy it even more now. Hexies are so popular right now. You were ahead of your time!

  14. Awesome find! I've come across a few projects that I have no memory of--I think that means I have the attention span of a gnat!

  15. What a treat! Very fun discovery.:)


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