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Thursday, January 22, 2015


Last year I had made these butterflies and pinned them to background fabrics....thinking 
I would hand applique them.  Well, with my hand problems, that is not going to happen!

So, I was looking at a book on Machine Applique and happened across "William Morris in Applique"  by Michele Hill and was blown away by this book.  Being so taken with it I looked her  up and found her blog to see her work.  totally amazing! 

I left her a comment asking if she thought that zig-zag stitching would be good for her patterns mentioning my machine (which I thought didn't have a blind stitch) didn't do blind stitches--I received a reply that pointed me to a  stitch (not labeled as such in my manual) that I could use. 

 She had taken the time to look up my machine and figure out the stitch that I could use.  How's that for being kind and generous?  thank you Michele, so much!  You have opened up a WHOLE NEW WORLD for me....

 I have her book on order and in the meantime have spent the past few days fiddling with Helga and using these butterflies for practice.  

The first few were quite wonky--but I am leaving them as is; and these two  below are a lot better as I get used to maneuvering around and foot pressure settings, etc.

Here is a close up of the stitching--I am so thrilled --I will be able to applique--I still need a lot of practice, but it is DO-ABLE!!! [Doing a happy dance]

All the butterflies are batiks --( Can you see on this one that I wasn't close enough to the edge with my stitches??)

Originally I had thought that this would be a memory quilt of our Summer  trip to Venice which is the print on this block...but I ran out of fabric and added some other low volume prints.  

And.... some of the lighter colored butterflies fade into the background a bit--perhaps a bit of black embroidery may help this--it is going to take some thinking....

I have quite a few more to work on--loving Helga (after all my complaining!! ); she came with a nice open toe foot and an embroidery needle in her kit and caboodle.  ;--)))

Tomorrow I plan to hit JoAnne's (after my much-needed haircut)  and get some good Rayon top stitching/embroidery thread--Michele recommends 40 wt, and others I've read about recommend 50 wt.  I'll try both.  

It is amazing what you can learn just by asking--quilters are such wonderful people!

Hugs to all, Julierose, La Blageuse Joyeuse....


  1. I think your batik butterflies are beautiful! I have seen a friends quilts that she does blind stitch (she called it button hole stitch....the same stick though!) she usually did one to show at our local quilt show every year! I have done a few blocks for guild drawings or swaps this way! I personally think it turns out beautiful. I am so glad we have this option! Thanks for the link! You go girl! Appliqué! Have fun! Hugs, Karen

  2. This is one of the nice sides of the internet - we can interact with nice people all over the world!

  3. Those look great! So glad you came up with a solution that is working for you.

  4. love it! and I love your background fabrics. this is going to be a gorgeous quilt my friend!

  5. J'aime beaucoup cette idée d'appliquer les papillons !! Bravo JulieRose !
    Et oui !! tu as raison, you're right !....quilters are such wonderful people !! ;)
    Have a great WE !!
    hugs !

  6. I've been toying with the idea of machine applique. It's nice to know that when the day comes that I'll give it a try, there are those out there who will help.

  7. I love the way you're using your machine to qpplique. That stitch is so pretty. Your butterflies look like they're ready to fly! Beautiful work!

  8. Some butterflies blend into their surroundings. I like the ones you are showing.

  9. I want to learn how to do that, I have a kit I want to make up

  10. What a wonderful response! Enjoy your new playtime.:)

  11. Your batik butterflies are looking gorgeous. How nice that someone could help.

  12. Love your butterflies. Thanks of the link. I have been wanting to do some machine appliqué .


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