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Monday, January 26, 2015


Here are the three blocks I have decided to work on for my year of RSC ; the Scrappy Split Rails , the White Crosses, and Eye of God.  

I tried two other blocks: Cat Head's and Blue Crosses, but have decided to put those away for another year
I most enjoy working on these--especially those White Crosses--I am on a 2.5" square "jag" lately.  Ever since I made Sleigh Bells Ring (which still needs binding!) I have fallen in love with mini squares.  

I still am in a quandry about those white crosses--whether to make them in each month's colors or continue just in blue and whites.  Of course that is always the decision: put away til next time around for all blue, or add different colors for rainbows.
I can definitely see Eye of God in a rainbow and even the Scrappy Rails--decisions, decisions...

I wonder what the February color will be....hmmmmm

I am posting this afternoon in the beginning stages of what is supposed to be a snow event of historic proportions here.  Forecast : 24" - 36" blowing snow in up to 60mph winds here in Coastal SE CT.  

We are "INSIDE" for the duration.  We have a generator and 25 gals of gas on hand; plenty of food (including that necessary chocolate lol) and water (our water company may not be able to get to us to change the batteries on our pumping station if the power goes out and lasts for more than 3 days! )  

And I may not be able to post for a while.....

I just love how these are turning out....  see those windswept chapels and the boats on big sea swells! These will surely bring back memories of this weeks' storms.......

These  little blocks on " phone book paper"-- 5"  squares--- (hip to be square, I guess lol) are such fun to make...using up those bits and bobs,  leftovers, and  orts of fabrics!! I love how they look so wonky,,,,

Off to make a cuppa and to watch the fine snow starting to mount up and blow--15 mph winds already!!  

Hugs to all, stay safe and warm,
Julierose, La blageuse


  1. Loving the white crosses & split rail fences! Keep safe and warm Julierose.

  2. I love all of your blocks and glad that you have to make those decisions...LOL.

    Stay safe and warm. I hope the weather doesn't too awful for you.

  3. Glad to hear you're so well prepared.:)

  4. Stay safe and warm! Just been watching coverage from New Yorks re the snow storm about to hit - looks a big one!!! Your blues are lovely.

  5. Keep warm and safe. Hopefully your have power at least and can sew, or maybe you have a treadle machine or handcrank and you can still sew.

  6. Love your blue blocks. Please stay safe and warm.

  7. white crosses block ideal for a scrappy quilt too..i have a HUGE stack of 2.5" squares....thanks for the idea!.....and all your blocks are beautiful

  8. love your January blues. I think your blue and white crosses would make a pretty quilt on its own.
    I am sewing too as we weather the storm. stay warm my friend

  9. Loving all your blue blocks.
    Keep warm and safe. Hopefully you won’t loose power.

  10. beautiful blue fabrics. I hope your keeping warm!

  11. C'est super d'avoir fait le plein de nourriture, d'eau, pour vous chauffer...et les tissus ? Tu as fait le plein ? Tu pourras tenir jusqu'à la fin de la tempête ? LOL !!
    Plus sérieusement, bon courage ...and stay warm !! ;)

  12. hope you still have power - we have been lucky so far - but LOTS of snow here and still blowing a bit.
    great blues!


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