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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


And what to my wondering eyes should appear???

A whole package of goodies on my doorstep from DAWN ; THANK YOU SO MUCH ;--)))

I had mentioned in a previous post that I was low on middle-of-the-road blues and Dawn sent me this big stack of fabrics------:all big pieces, too.   (See her pretty card with Roses on it (she knows how much I love roses!!)
 AND:her homemade rose petal jelly--(yum), a cute kitty mug rug that Dunkin and Phoebe sewed up for me while Dawn slept..[.they snuck into her sewing room and made this--she has some amazing helpers!! ]
A cute Christmas list memo pad, AND crayons for the little girl in me to use when Willa Rose and Fiona come to visit.  Oh and also a leaf shaped pot holder which is in my kitchen drawer...

How's this for a pkg of FUN???!  I can see how she makes up her beautiful gift baskets--pretty awesome...
This morning I starched and ironed all those fabrics and you will see some of them in my RSC15 blocks...

It is SO  much fun to play with some else's stash...we all have such individual tastes and to be able
to mix it all up has to add a lot to a quilt.

Here's that rose petal jelly...
I've never had it before--
it is bodacious!!  Ummmmm.

thank you Dunkin and Phoebe--I will think of you each time I have a cuppa....

Hugsx2 out to Dawn--for such a generous gift...
Julierose, La Blageuse xxxx


  1. Generous gift! Now that I moved I've got no roses... I could have run a jelly company with the roses at my last house. I had 26 big rose bushes, and some tiny ones, too. That'd make a few good sized batches. I brought 2 potted roses with me.... one bloomed in the house.
    Love the fabric, too. New blues.

  2. you are welcome. I will always help a friend in need and you needed blues!
    Dunkin and Phoebe had better clean up the threads and batt scraps in the sewing room. they can get pretty messy LOL

    1. Wait that means Dunkin and Phoebe have been in my sewing room too?! I knew it could not possibly be me.

  3. What great gifts! I think quilting gifts and quilting friends are the best! Enjoy!!

  4. Not only Santa knows what a good and deserving quilter you are! Very nice gifts and very generous of Dawn. Blues are amongst my favorite colors so I really like the fabrics. The jelly sounds delish too.

  5. Such pretty blues! They remind me of the weather outside! Hope you are staying warm!

  6. ooh the rose jelly sounds interesting!
    nice gifts

  7. What a kind thing to send care package in the mail. Lovely blues in that stack. Just perfect for this month.


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