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Sunday, January 4, 2015


We had our first snow yesterday afternoon into the evening--followed by sleet and then rain.
So it's all gone now, but it was so pretty when falling.  

DH helped me put up this very old wall hanging that I made when I first began quilting. (Eons ago it feels--I had forgotten all about this one...)

The opposite side is an Autumn--into Winter design....(this coming Fall I will turn it over and disclose that side).  At the time, I couldn't bear to cut into this gorgeous fabric--so evocative and charming.  so i just used the small piece I had and quilted freely...

And here it is on the wall over my wine chest in our dining room...

(Ooops--photo Crooked--but hangs straight) The bands on the top and bottom are a Japanese 
print--they are  asymmetrical a la style Japanese; it is all hand quilted....I loved working on this little hanging...

Have a wonderful Sewing Sunday

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (in the Winter Mode)


  1. I'm jealous! We had our first snow in November, but we were away on vacation at the time. We did have sleet balls falling this morning ... thankfully it didn't amount to much ... the mulch parts of our landscaping have a little bit of white on them. I would love some snow if I could be assured that we'd be spared ice/sleet.

  2. We had snow in November, but haven't had any since. We had ice yesterday though. YUCK! What a pretty piece.

  3. What a lovely fabric panel - I can see why you did not want to cut it! Great idea for a wall hanging!

  4. Love your wall hanging. Such a good idea to feature a special piece of fabric.
    I'm jealous, too. Since we are here in WA it snowed once, but it was more like cutting ice in the high winds. No pretty snowflakes falling. I love that part. I guess we can be happy that there was no shoveling needed.

  5. What a beautiful wall hanging. I wouldn't want to cut into such a lovely piece of fabric either.

  6. such a pretty piece of fabric. I too would have trouble cutting into it.
    we had snow then rain now ice. if we could only get sun and have it all LOL

  7. Snow is coming today!! Yeah!

    Some fabric needs to stay whole. Like that one. It is quite lovely!

  8. I would have a hard time cutting up that fabric too--it's gorgeous! My second thought is that it would be a fun fabric to make into a one block wonder--something on my bucket list!

  9. I could not have cut into that one either --


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