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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

MY GRAND-MERE'S QUILTS--(Wednesday Memories)

                                                       Airing out Grand-mere's quilts

these are the only two of my Grand-mere's quilts I have; the Dresdan Plate is in very
 bad condition--faded, torn and I think, much used and loved ;--))))

all these fabrics in the wedges are from my mother's (Cherie's) and my Tante's (her sister Mildred's) dresses....

Difficult to capture on film,.,..,so faded....my Grand-mere did all the stitching and quilting. 
she used the  Baptist Fan pattern--I have a leather template my Grand-pere made for her  that has drilled holes to mark dots for the fans.  

This" Roses" 2nd quilt is in very good shape; it was a joint effort for my Mom, her sister and Grand'mere.

Mom did the embroidery centers here--she was really precise and an excellent stitcher....as you can see:
and here

And Tante Mildred did the green stitching throughout.  Grand'mere did all the button hole stitches and hand pieced and hand quilted it...on her quilting frame.  I am sure some of her sewing friends must have put a few stitches in there, too.  

This last quilt was on my bed when I was growing up...

                                                                  "Roses" for Julierose ;--)))

I take them out to air a couple times a year and re-fold or roll them....I hesitate to use them as they are so fragile....

hope you enjoyed seeing some old, much loved quilts...

Hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Oh, what pretty quilts and lovely memories! Love the roses for Julierose!

    1. I wish I had a memory of a quilt being on my bed as a girl. You are so lucky to still have that very quilt .Lovely stitching. . .

  2. What treasures! Simply lovely! Take good care of them, they're priceless!

  3. beautiful quilts and beautiful memories. love them. thanks for showing us

  4. Oh how marvellous to still have a quilt which graced your bed when you were growing up! I love these faded older quilts full of memories.

  5. You are so fortunate to own such gorgeous family treasures. They are so pretty, even the dresdens in it's fragile state.

  6. Merci de nous faire partager ces beaux quilts ! Ils sont de véritables trésors !!
    Gros bisous JulieRose !

  7. Beautiful, I have some tops from Tommy s mother and grandmothers

  8. How wonderful to have such beautiful treasures full of memories! I have a couple family quilts in the same condition and keep them folded on top of a cupboard in a room in our house that doesn't have any windows. I get to see them everyday and I think they are pretty safe there.

  9. Oh what treasures! There must be some german and french in your family line! LOL I had a tante too! LOL

  10. Gorgeous quilts. You are so lucky to have those remembrances of them.

  11. They're such beautiful quilts ... I can see why you cherish them. I don't blame you for not wanting to use them ... I love to use quilts (I make mine to be used), but when they're the last of a generation of quilters who are now gone, I can't bear to risk them completely wearing out.


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