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Monday, August 17, 2015


On this super HOT day,  I took out my SNOW FLOWERS hexagon piece that was begun eons ago.  I was hoping to cool myself off a bit.....and that perhaps it was not as badly "off" as I thought--which is why it got put aside in the first place.........

This is one of the first hexagon quilts I made-

AND -when I put it together I didn't really think it out very well..[.see corners below--that don't match....]


Etc.....so today I began to try to make them match up-And found out THAT:

UNLESS I TAKE THE WHOLE THING APART--which is NOT going to happen.....it will never quite match up. ;-0000

So, I will make it into an asymmetrical piece.....good old rationalization to the rescue yet again.....lol

I plan to applique it onto more white on white (hence SNOW) and hope that it will blend into that background....

I was able to add a few (20) hexies today and it is a bit better.......but it will never be perfectly even...

And so it goes...at least I am making inroads on my UFO's....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse (uneven-euse)


  1. It is beautiful. And...you can call it uniquely special :)

  2. Asymmetrical is all the rage now... just say you meant to do it that way :)

  3. you meant it to be like that - didn't you? (Wink wink) That is how the professional artists tell their stories. Embrace the handmade art of it all. I love your snow flowers... really cool.

  4. love your snow flowers. sometimes our UFOs help us to find creative solutions to help us love them again. think of them as creative opportunities

  5. Love your Snow Flowers! But then I love hexies, and I definitely love everything you do! ;-) Once you applique it to the background, I don't know that anyone will notice its assymetrical-ness. ;-)

  6. I agree with Quilter Kathy--just say you meant to do it that way--we won't tell a soul otherwise!

  7. It's beautiful, the last time I tried to fix a if I it got burned on the light on my machine

  8. I had the same issue with my spring flower hexagons. They are still sitting and waiting.....I did have an idea on how to fix it but did I write it down? Nope! Hope you can find a solution.

  9. I pulled out my old hexie project last week. I am determined to get it finished some day but it is slow going. Good for you to figure it out and move forward.

  10. I've ended up with some *enormous!* projects because I kept trying to 'fix' them by making them bigger to come out even. So, yeah, just relax and enjoy the fact that asymmetrical is cool. 8)

  11. Oh gosh, there is no way I would take it all out either!! I'm sure ur asymmetrical idea will like superb and, like the other girls have said, no one will know if you dont tell...

  12. Where there is a will, there is a way. Appliqueing it to a snow background should do it. I like it!


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