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Sunday, April 19, 2015


My Santolina and daffodils are finally blooming.....Spring has come at long last.

I love those two colors together...windy this afternoon and to see the daffs dancing with the blue/grey santolina is such a treat!

this is the herb bed that my darling DH dug for me this morning--

This is to the left of my front door as you walk in; right now I have some small azaleas which I transplanted in the Fall and six lilies just beginning to poke up.  I want to grow basil, French Tarragon, and Parsley--- and put a small border of some kind of low growing shrub along the grass edge. We just had the patio paved late last summer--so it is a work in progress.

here are a few shots of my roses (behind the long ledge rock where the daffs and santolina are...)

I hope this means that they will be happy here and take hold--they were moved (by DH again--what a job!) last Fall;

You can see that the canes are pretty old--but they are still throwing out some buds--i had
no idea if they would survive as they were pretty large when we moved them.  I pruned
them back hard and kept my fingers crossed.

can you just make out those little red points?  all on old hardwood, too...

love this 
My vest is coming along--I LOVE this pattern....kind of like a wishbone shape...

Measuring about 9.5" so far.  It is 14.5" to underarm when I have to divide and work each side separately....I am enjoying working on this while watching the Red Sox....

I had my piano tuned and am working on bringing this back into my fingers....one of my very favorite Chopin Nocturnes (op 32 no. 1).....just a few minutes a day...taking it slowly to keep from hurting my Left Hand again.....

I have also begun machine quilting Le Surprise quilt...did 3 rows today before my shoulder began
to complain.  More on that tomorrow......

I made my chicken and rice casserole for dinner tonight--so I'll just pop'er into the oven at 4 pm and I can sit and knit this afternoon...

Hope your Sunday is a good one....hugs,
Julierose La blageuse jardin-euse....


  1. Spring has sprung in your neck of the woods. That vest is going to be gorgeous! I can't wait to see more of it.

  2. I love cooking that way... set it and forget it.
    Love your vest pattern. I made 2 sweaters in the late 60s that had ribs and cables... so pretty.
    Your roses are loving that spot. What color are they? I have a red/white two tone in a big pot that I brought from CA and an orange that I started from a cut stem from Costco, that is still in a pot. Some plants are like kids - you want them close. Your Santolina is interesting... love the color of the foliage. Is it a kind of lavender?
    They say you need to work through the pain of arthritis in order to keep movement. Piano should be just the thing.

  3. I am not familiar with Santolina - but it looks lovely with the daffodils! I hope your garden is abundant this year! The vest looks wonderful - great color and stitch pattern. If you're like me (I'm still working on a shawl I started last October), you'll finish just in time for Summer!

  4. Love the color of the Santolina. Your roses look good. The best is coming along too. A little practice every day will get you up and going again.

  5. You have been, and continue to be, very productive. Would love to have your chicken and rice casserole!

    Love the daffodils and it is super exciting that the roses look to be thriving. Keeping fingers crossed!

  6. I adore daffodils... thanks for sharing! And the color of your vest is gorgeous.

  7. love your vest and your flowers. your roses look happy. put some used coffee grounds and banana peels on them. they will love it.

  8. Very pretty knitting pattern! I love it when I don't have to worry about dinner--good plan!

  9. Looks like Spring! Finally! Your vest is coming along great! I like your sampler!

  10. Gosh you really have got some good shoots coming on your roses, must try a really hard prune on a couple of mine this winter and see what happens. Your chicken and rice casserole sound like a good one-pot dish, good idea. Hope your piano playing goes well.

  11. love the color of the vest! So jealous that you have daffis poking up... not much blooming here yet (up in the arctic, lol)...


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