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Wednesday, April 22, 2015


My design wall has been taken over by the Geishas; I have another batch of lozenges ("Jouzai") to be finished yet but I wanted to set some up to see how they would work----

I had first just put them up with no definite scheme, but moved my ladies to the center as a focal point. 
 [ I had to remove my snakies as the ladies  got the "heebie-jeebies" hearing their hissing. ]

They are used to serenity......under the cherry blossoms amid  the soft bamboo.

Hugs from the Japanese Garden
Julierose, La blageuse (lozenge-euse) 
P.S.  Still machine quilting Le Surprise quilt--- but (sigh) hurt my back yesterday, so no quilting today.


  1. A fantastic geisha quilt you make. Hope your back is "back" again soon.

  2. I like them as the focal point and the reds around them!

  3. Love your lozenge quilt and the geisha girls. Feel better.

  4. The GGs are lookin' good. I'd be freaked by the sssnakies, too.
    So sorry about your back... relax, and try some Emu oil. It really helps me.

  5. I like all your beiges together in the middle. It looks good with the darker colors around them. So cold today! Stayed inside away from that wind!

  6. oh no. hope your back feels better soon! love your lozenges. I need to get back in my sewing room. hopefully soon


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