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Friday, April 3, 2015


I have done only two of these as I don't have many scraps and don't want to cut into 1/2 yd/yd pieces
Strange colorways in these 2.5" squares--not my favorite....hopefully when added to the rest of the rainbow colors they'll look OK>

Here'ssss Ssssssnakey in purples....most of these were leftovers from all my hexagon works....
I cut them freehand and just sewed higgeldy-piggeldy (duh!!)
 My yellow ones are hisssssing................................
around on their hanger wisssshing.................................... they were on the
 desssssign......................... board (LOL)..

AND I think, in all honesty, I MAY have just enough scraps left for my Eyes of God blocks; I
will be working on those this week.

AND, ladies, I think I have to admit that I should join the CCCA=

                                            CAPE COD CHIPS ANNONYMOUS

Both DH and I are totally addicted to them.  And it is true: you can't eat

                                                        JUST ONE!!!!!!

I did lose one pound this week--am debating whether or not to return to ATKINS
or do the "400" diet or the "5/2" !  But I must keep myself in check

Hugs to you all on this rainy, gray day---
Julierossssssse, La Blageussssssse


  1. SSSSSSSSSSSew interesting. I love your crosses and your ssssssssssnakessssssss. I'm wondering what you will be doing with them. Thanks for the smile I've got... those SSSSSSSSSS are fun.

  2. Like your plus blocks. Also your purply SSSSS blocks are very pretty.

  3. There are too many diets to choose from! I have to keep away from Cape Cod chips. Too good!! Keep scrapping and hissing! Love it!

  4. Just keep at your sewing machine girl - no time to eat then!! Trust me - I know.
    Love your blocks and your snakey.

  5. those snakes are so fun looking to do. and love the crosses. cant wait to see more of them

  6. Love your SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsnakes! Looking forward to how they will work in a quilt!

  7. Nice crosses. Where are the snakes going!

  8. Love your purples ... that's one color that I have very little of in my stash.

  9. I like the crosses as well..and I'll be interested to see what you do with the snake.

  10. I love Snakey....another snake ready for the snakepit.

  11. lol! I like those curves a lot!!
    The squares are a mix of greyish purple and beige tones... probably why you don't love them yet. Like you said, they'll join hands with all the colors and it will all work out. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  12. I am sure the purples will blend beautifully when mixed with all the others. Great looking snakessssss.

  13. Ssssssss...un French ! Lol !!!
    J'aime beaucoup tes blocs et ton sssserpent ondule bien ! Je suis impatiente de voir ce que tu vas en faire !!
    Bon weekend chocolaté !
    Happy Easter !

  14. I hear you on the weight. I'd love to loose some but I keep losing and gaining the same blasted 2-3 pounds. Maybe this will be the month they don't reappear? Hope those snakes are staying in the closet and not causing too many issues with the hissing =)

  15. Love your snake. Cute Easter gifts for the grandkids in you most recent post. You are a good grandmother. Happy Easter, dear.


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