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Wednesday, April 29, 2015



 Not being mechanically minded, this is something I always put off doing!  (Bad girl!!) .;-000 

I mean after quilting the "surprise quilt" on every (stinkin') seam--there was an amazing amount of dust and lint in there! 

 The hardest thing was replacing her bobbin case correctly--each time I tried to pull up the bobbin thread, the top thread kept getting caught on the case!!  Yikes!!

 I FINALLY figured it out... (phew) 
plus:  it is totally necessary to use my left hand (the injured one) to do everything.  (OKAY I'm through whining!! ) DONE FOR A WHILE.....;--)) )) yay!!!

I also wound up 15 bobbins. 

Then I made this :

                          The scrappy binding for someone's surprise....


You will notice a new gadget on my sidebar called "Postage Stamps" ; I have joined that group and as I am a "newbie" I will be getting free sets of 50 (2.5") squares in the mail from all over the world!! You can find more info on this group at The Curious Quilter.  I am really excited to embark on this quilting journey.  


Miss Spring has brought a few hours of warmth here to our home...we were able to
sit out on the deck for an hour before the cold winds came rushing through once again.

She hangs on my quilting room wall--a harbinger of warmer weather to come....

********************************************************************** DH took me out for breakfast this morning: not a diet one either: a egg, toast, bacon and
homefries with great coffee....tonight will be his homemade Beef Barley Soup...
I think I'll keep him (LOL) ;-)))

Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. I hope you'll be posting about your "surprise" quilt after it has been given to the "surprisee". Your postge stamp swap sounds great - good luck with that.

  2. the blue strips are pretty. cant wait to see the surprise
    keeping lots of secrets lately arent you? LOL
    hubs sounds like a keeper for sure.

  3. I have a Sapphire 855 I think she needs a trip to the repair shop, I notice her stitches are looking a wee bit off. Maybe it is the person sewing on her though. Like your Spring wall-hanging.

  4. glad you were able to sit outside for awhile - soon it will be most of the time!

  5. Helga looks so refreshed after her spa treatment! Can't wait to see the surprise quilt--look pretty fun from the binding.

  6. Those are fun fabrics for the surprise quilt binding.

    Glad you are getting some spurts of warmer weather.

  7. Helga is lookin' good. I'm going to finish the quilting and binding of my H2H offering and then my machine (who has remained nameless all these years... Mom got her in 1960, or before.) will get the treatment.
    I went to the postage stamp spot, but the giveaway is over... you should be getting yours soon. I guess I'd better follow her if I want to be included next time. Sounds like fun.
    Do you have the partial gloves I've seen in the Dr. Scholls part of the store? I'm wondering if compression gloves would help you.
    Love the blue scrappy binding to be. Someone is getting a really nice quilt.
    So is it your birthday today? Why the hubby attention? Soup sounds delish.

  8. I always enjoy seeing your projects. Can't wait to see the "surprise" quilt! Love that binding! Keep up your projects so I can keep seeing them!!

  9. Are you o k? Are is hubby just petting you? Can't wait to see the surprise quilt and what you make from those 2 1/2 inch squares

  10. HA I had a hearty breakfast like that as well this morning...but hashbrowns rather that home fries :) Miss Spring looks like good luck :)


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