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Friday, May 1, 2015


A work in progress--we planted (actually who am i kidding?--DH planted)  our little Japanese Maple and the two little Mungo Pines....and the rocks.  We both spread the mulch this afternoon.  The wind off the water here is still pretty chilly, but all this activity does warm you up!! Just being outside is so wonderful!!

And, yes!!, here's my little "Always Afternoon" daylily coming out to soak up the sun.....

When my back started complaining I stood and drank in this lovely scene:

I think although those sparkly yellow daffs are lovely, I really love those salmon hearted ones best....maybe.....

The weather forecast here is for a warming trend beginning tomorrow; DH will extend the bed around our rock to enclose my three roses (names unknown: anonymous roses...we'll have to see what colors they come out) . And then we'll spread more mulch....off-dah!

I think a lil glass of vino is in order this evening.....feet up, a little music, followed by a roast chicken dinner.  Ahhhh, what could be better.....
Hugs to you all on this lovely day,
Julierose, La Blageuse Garden-euse


  1. So glad you are finally warming up. I know your winter was much worse than mine and I was getting frustrated here with the dreary winter days. Isn't it wonderful to see new growth and see beautiful flowers after a cold hard winter!

  2. Happy spring! Enjoy your garden time.

  3. I love Japanese Maples. Never heard of Mungo Pines

  4. Your garden is looking lovely. I love those daffodils with the pink centers. Maybe someday I will get some and plant them.

  5. looking good. those dark daffys are just so pretty and cheerful arent they?

  6. Yay! Glad that spring has arrived for you. Nothing quite like the first signs of spring ... flowers blooming, trees budding, grass greening up. Your evening plans sound wonderful to me ... a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

  7. Love your plantings. We went for a walk on Friday on a path in the woods around Lacamas Lake. The pine needles had been warmed in the sun and the scent was heavy in some parts. MMMM We saw 8 baby ducklings out swimming with their Mom and 2 geese took off from the water... that's always funny. Yes, it is great to be out collecting Vitamin D.

  8. lovely! happy spring finally!!!


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