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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


What was set up for the Surprise quilt has been transformed into

 a Nouveau Ladies workshop.


This post is mainly to remind me of how I'd like to set up the borders.... Feel free to skip if you are not into this stuff.....;--))))  )

Couched ribbons with little rosettes holding down each corner and holding the ends...

You get the idea....let's hope I will....

{as a side note..........and a memory..........}

....... here is my Mom's old Sewing Basket that she rescued from a flea market and
painted and lined:
 It has become the repository for my Crazy Quilting supplies and unfinished blocks...
she was a precise person and this turned out beautifully....

See the lining--an old favorite fabric of mine.  She took apart the innards of this basket somehow (I am definitely not good at that stuff!) and then re-tacked it  with tiny nails inserting  that liner. perfectly neatly...yep--that's her work alright!! 
Every time I sew on my Nouveau Ladies I think of her working on this.....

Here is my little "cheat sheet" and some of my laces that i got from Raviole Dreams on Etsy...a few years back....


i had to use this beautiful hand dyed heart on the left side to match..................

this nouveau kind of fleur-de Lis on the opposite.  

So Ladies, i have my hand work cut out for me for the Summer.  

Thanks for stopping by...think of me on my back deck couching those ribbons....a definite challenge....

hugs, Julierose, La Blageuse ( And..."Still crazy after all these years"....)


  1. Love the way your mom lined the basket! What agreat place to keep all your CQ supplies. Hope we get to see some progress on them.

  2. I can't wait to see all of your crazy quilting. I love seeing people's process when they crazy quilt.

  3. Beautiful kind basket and I love the colour! Yes I think you're going to be busy couching on your lovely batik border. I love the two sweet hand dyed pieces of embroider, glorious colours.

  4. beautiful and I love the sewing basket. nothing better than couching on the deck in the summer breeze. cant wait to see it

  5. Your mama's quite talented. I can only imagine how I'd mangle trying to fix an old basket up :(

  6. How special to have your mother's sewing basket by your side while you stitch!

  7. Hello Julie ! Le Crasy...je ne sais pas faire car je suis plutôt nulle en broderies !! Mais je sais que je vais pouvoir , grâce à toi, admirer tes travaux en crasy ! La trousse de ta mère doit t'évoquer de beaux souvenirs !! :)
    Gros bisous et bonne journée !

  8. beautiful embellishments. I don't do those, but that's because I've never done embellishments. I do love to see them though, so thanks for sharing them. Love your Mom's basket. I'm sure she is glad you are using it.

  9. I can't wait to see this one come to life.

  10. Your borders are going to be gorgeous! Beautiful embellishments!

  11. I came to your website to see your post about the RSC. Good start on green blocks. Then ready this, your previous post. Beautiful work. Your mother's sewing basket is wonderful. Thank you for writing about her and sharing pictures of her work.


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