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Wednesday, May 20, 2015


                               I've finished February's RSC Pink Postage Stamp Block.....

                                             Puppy peeks out among the roses

And Kitties play "King of the Hill!!!"  
(Could this be Dunkin' & Phoebe, Dawn??)

Flamingos "Meet & Greet" Before the Mating Dance

Tick -Tock, Tick Tock....still playing "Catch Up" Here..

(Next are Greens for this month and Purples for April)

I just love to make these--such fun ;--)))

Hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day and 
geting some time to sew and garden....

Hugs to all

Julierose, La Blageuse...


  1. Ahhhh Pink! Love the kitties and pups. Your block is sweet. How big is that block. I can see it's 64 pieces - are you using 2 1/2" squares? Have fun with the green and purples.

  2. Pretty in pink. When you look at the kitty block the first thing I thought was Phoebe and Dunkin before I even read your blog.

  3. These sure do look like fun! Love your fussy cut blocks. So cute!

  4. what great pink fabrics! love that doggie!

  5. You have the best fabrics! So fun to watch these being created.

  6. Lovely selection of novelty prints here! Love the flamingoes.

  7. yep looks like Dunkin and Phoebe to me! LOL looks like a fun quilt with all kinds of fun things peeking out here and there. love it!

  8. What fun fabrics! Compared to yours, mine is pretty boring. ;-)

    No garden time here (Still at the beach), but definitely doing some sewing.

  9. I love pink! One of my favorite colors! You have some very neat fabrics in there! Love it!!

  10. Lots of work in those postage stamp blocks--you must have a ton of scraps. I love the fussy cuts with the little pictures! Wonderful!

  11. Okay! I may not make another postage stamp quilt, but you've definitely convinced me to fill up my 1.5 inch strip bins with novelty prints.


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