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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


                                                                 "Am  I  Blue"

                  ( My first postage stamp block and also RSC catch up for January)

Favorite fabs:

                                       That Japanese Iris shows up once again 

                                                                    Fun Fishies...

I was able to sew on Helga for a while this morning as all my 2.5" squares are either precuts or mini charms, so no rotary work is necessary.
and afterwards:
 I went to Big Y for some needed shopping (tomorrow we will be having our
driveway sealed so wouldn't want to have to haul groceries in from the road!;);
 also iced my shoulder/arm for 20 minutes; then my back for another 20, followed by rehab exercises; then two loads of laundry...phew...who said I'd be bored in retirement. ;--000 Not me, MGee (lol)!!

Meanwhile my DH was out planting four new junipers (Sea Green variety) in our new front garden; now he is off to Home Depot for mulch....errands day.....

A cold front has swept in and erased all yesterday's humidity--so lovely out....
Off to make my salad for lunch--hugs,
Julierose La Blageuse 


  1. You are playing Catch Up. There is next year... I made up a bunch - well, just 4 - butterflies for the next two weeks. They take so much time, and I'm getting swamped by family events that need quilts as gifts.
    Love the iris print. I've seen you use that before.
    I get so tired of lettuce. We've got spring mix now. That has quite a variety of different leaves.

  2. I like the iris fabric. Take it easy with your shoulder and back.

  3. love those blues. I have been so lax at continuing along. I love seeing your progress on the rainbow colors. I had a plan........but life gets in the way sometimes LOL take care of that shoulder girl.

  4. What a beautiful postage stamp block!
    Are you going to make a full size postage stamp quilt?
    LOVE the look of these, have never made one.

  5. Love that iris print, too. I seem to remember seeing it here before. ;-)

  6. Coucou Julie !
    Cette semaine tu vois la vie en bleu..... Bonne journée et à bientôt !

  7. take care of that arthor, love all your cute fabric squares

  8. Sounds like you got a lot of catching up done..... hope the healing is quick.

  9. Postage stamp blocks and quilts are among my very favorites. Love those blue prints and block.


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