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Thursday, May 14, 2015


                           I have managed a bit of sewing a few things this morning..

.I had found some pink and purple VELVET (Yummy!!) rick-rack--(that didn't cost an arm and a leg either) and am using it over the main seams...the pink has been stitched in place; maybe tomorrow I can manage the purple cross bars...(see above)

                                                My Lady's  "dream" of a vine and fern...
(.with some button flowers added ---- bottom left corner...)

                                                My Lady is in her Bower............

(purple RR to be sewn on next and a few pansey pieces left over from my hexie table topper on lower right)  I love Crazy Quilting---- Embroidery and everything all rolled into one....
how much fun is that!!  ;--)))

                                       A petite fleur at top center on top of pink rick rack.

(This is one of the lovely hand dyed laces that I got from "Ravolee Dreams" Etsy shop--
just gorgeous stuff--am getting another pkg as part of my Birthday gift--hmmmm this birthday goes on and on....LOL) 

                     A few stitches at a time ........and.................this is becoming

                                            "Nouveau Ladies Bower"  

I have 6 more blocks in the wings ........... all awaiting finishing touches. Another Bevy of Beauties....

Julierose, La Blageuse, (" Still crazzee after all these years...")


  1. it is looking great - how are you planning on using it - decoration for a table?

  2. Oh your block is so pretty. Love all of the embellishment.

  3. Keep that 'crazy' part. We love it. I especially like the green arrangement. I never heard of velvet rick rack. I guess my education is sadly lacking.

  4. Lovely rich looking piece now with all your lovely appliqué flowers and leaves.

  5. Beautiful work. And who knew that rick rack comes in velvet? I loved making DD baby outfits because I could use rick rack. 😉

  6. This is coming out so gorgeous! These blocks are beautiful with all your gorgeous embellishments. Keep going!!

  7. just gorgeous Julie. sometimes a birthday that goes on and on can be fun LOL
    I too never heard of velvet ric rac. what will they think of next?

  8. It was delightful to see a comment left on my blog from you. I in turn came on over to yours for a peek. keep on stitching and enjoy your day!

  9. Wow! That is so neat. You are one very talented Artist Julierose.


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