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Sunday, May 10, 2015


Since I cannot do any handwork (my arm is getting better, but it's a slow process ack!!)
I thought I'd put up my small geisha seasons quilts on my design wall : the above is called
                                             "Can Spring be Far Behind"

Here is Summer
                                                      WINTER BY THE SEA

                                                            LATE AUTUMN FLOWERS

In an effort to use up my Asian fabrics I have decided to make a lot of these little
blocks--I don't know if they will be a lap sized quilt or a medley of little quilts; I do want to hand quilt them...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Asian fabrics; they speak to me.....

I have also been enchanted for many years by Haiku--I am thinking of printing out a 
few verses on the reverse sides  of these.....

Because my hands cannot work, my mind is a'spinnin' --round and round.  I am writing down my ideas as, for sure with my "advancing" (hahaha) brain, I will forget.  So this is another Aide-Memoire posting....
Hugs to all
Julierose, La Blageuse (Asian-euse)


  1. Great ideas! Hope you are mended and back to stitchin' soon!

  2. You must have lived in Asia in your past life. I do like the fabric, but not enough to pay for it. I have seen lots of great quilts made with Asian fabric. Yours seems to be coming right along. I love the Summer blocks.

  3. These are super - I too have a liking for the Asian prints - just look at my storage baskets. Everyone one of your lovely pieces above perfectly portrays its given season.

  4. Lovely ideas, the summer one and the colors are fabulous.

  5. very pretty. I think haiku on the reverse side would be so fun!

  6. These are all going to be so pretty together! I have to write down everything too--now the hard part is to remember to read my notes!

  7. What happened to your hand JuliaRose? Did you hurt it?

  8. These are so beautiful- love them!!!


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