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Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It has finally arrived!!          Sherri Lynn Wood's new Book:
                         THE IMPROV HANDBOOK FOR MODERN QUILTERS....
 I am so excited!

 ( I have been a follower of DAINTYTIME (her blog) for a long time--AND..................
in fact:     my snakies are a result of one of her tutorials....I can hear them even now.....
hisssssing in antisssipation of being finally incorporated in their own ssssspecial sssssetting....lol)

After just reading a few pages I am already enthralled and engrossed...
Could even I be original? Creative? Perhaps even innovative in my work?


it just sounds like fun.....;-))) No rulers, no templates....no hard and fast "shoulds".

I can see working my way through this for sure...I already have an idea to add to my 
RSC15  blocks forming.....

I like the idea of working freely and then having another stricter work going on. How one 
could "feed" the other....because I love beautifully planned quilts as well as innovative  art quilts....kind of like working on both Bach and Debussy at my piano....

More to fun come...hugs 
Julierose, La Blageuse 


  1. Oh my we are classically taught aren't we.... LOL
    I've heard of Bach. I guess we aren't the twins I thought we were. I can play the radio....
    Love your idea of deaux quilts at the same time. It'll keep those synapses firing away. This year I'm working on butterflies, POD quilt and the H2H Good Night Irene, and it makes the sewing so much more interesting than just making one quilt at a time. It has also helped me blog more often... I actually have something to blog about.
    Love your blog...

  2. Oh brilliant! I have one on order at our foremost quilting book store here in New Zealand so hopefully mine shouldn't be too long before it arrives here!
    Pleased to read your views on it.

  3. Oh that looks like a great book. Your snakes are insissssting on attention?

  4. This book is on my wish list! Nice to hear a good review about it.:)

  5. Sounds so fun! It sounds so freeing to throw the rules out the window. I was thinking of just winging a quilt using my scraps. We'll see if I get the courage to really do it!! I'm looking forward to what you'll be making!

  6. love to "do my own thing" with quilts and think out of the box but I also like the traditional quilt styles too. great way to learn all about our craft. exploring all techniques and having fun!

  7. Looks like an interesting book but a little scary to me. I feel comfortable with those quilt rules. On the other hand I would like to be more creative.

  8. Looks like a fun book. Can't wait to see what you create from it!

  9. Coucou ! J'ai hâte de voir ton futur quilt avec ses belles couleurs !
    Gros bisous


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