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Wednesday, April 8, 2015



My mail brought this to me today...(after spending the morning having my crown put on I really needed a pick-me-up ------not to mention the $$$$$!! )

Need I say more about what I'll be inhaling from this fantastic book?

 So far I want to make ALL of these quilts.  SUJATA has outdone herself...I love 
her interpretations of what I think of as my Grand'mere's quilts.....

I highly recommend this book... ;--))))

S P R I N G I hear will be coming this weekend.....

And as you know, from reading here, RSC15 is purple this month.  My wonderful DIL 
brought this basket of tulips for me to plant on Easter!  Isn't that just a yummy color?
                                                                                          L O V E ....

 and.....................................this little baby one almost looks pink...

I have been having a bit of a mojo loss ...now I am champing at the bit to finish up my
surprise quilt (added top and bottom borders today and cut sides so....just backing after
that and quilting!! yayay!) .
hugs to you all from another gray day....made so much brighter by my new book and my gorgeous tulips....
Julierose, La Blageuse


  1. Isn't that book full of beautiful quilts? Love your flowers.

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I'll have to look into that book!

  3. Love your first photo in this post!! Isn't the book terrific?? You do feel like getting busy making quilts after a read. Beautiful tulips - lucky you!

  4. Cultural Fusion est sans conteste, le livre de l'année 2014 en patchwork ! Great book ! J'espère que tu vas prendre plaisir à faire les quilts !
    Tes tulipes sont supers jolies et j'adore leur couleur !
    Gros bisous JulieRose
    PS : qu'est-ce qu'un "mojo" ???

  5. Sujata's book is bursting with inspiration! lovely tulips!

  6. That book looks like a lot of fun--perfect for jump starting that mojo! I am so ready for Spring too--we have had too many gloomy days lately and I am thinking it's never going to happen!!!

  7. So happy that you have something to cheer you up! Your tulips are a lovely color.

    Enjoy your new book.


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