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Saturday, October 24, 2015


           The view outside our back door is really heating up! 

Now who said Red and orange don't go together--in the 1950's you couldn't even think of wearing them together....(boy that dates me!!).

                         Rasberry and gold: yummy

AND inside:
my Christmas (?) Cactus is about ready to join the show:

I got this white variety last year--the inside of the blossoms turn a lovely shell pink as they begins to fade.......

Here is the whole plant that lived out on my front stoop all Summer long

Now it resides in my side tv room--it seems to be happy here...it's
calling to its mate (the brilliant pink one next to it) to bloom, too....

It has been a quiet and gray Saturday here....much reading, no sewing,
but able to prep some more little 9-patch squares for hand work....

I hope you are all having a lovely weekend ...

Hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (hoping for rain-euse)


  1. Lovely pictures of the foliage. Enjoy those views...we don't get a pretty change down here. Hope you are reading a good book snuggled under a quilt... and are feeling better.

  2. beautiful view from your place. it seems our leaves turned overnight too and then fell off the trees. I raked up a HUGE pile of them yesterday. but no little ones to jump in the pile. :-)

  3. Bonjour JulieRose !
    Les arbres sont très beaux avec leurs belles couleurs !
    Merci pour ces belles photos !!
    Grosses bises !

  4. Thanks for sharing your wonderful view! Down here we have mostly oaks that don't turn those lovely reds and oranges. Thankful we have a couple of black gums that do turn red and sumac here and there. My mom used to have a large pink Christmas cactus.

  5. Beautiful pictures! I am overwhelmed by the color and beauty all around us in New England this time of year. Can't get enough of it so thanks for sharing!

  6. Reading? Sewing? Hard to decide some days. Gray, cool, and raining here . . .

  7. Beautiful pictures! I brought my Christmas Cactus indoors also and it's starting to bloom. Too early! Oh, well, we will have to enjoy the flowers whenever we get them!

  8. Isn't fall lovely. I know it can be a bit depressing when you start to think about winter, but mother natures puts on a spectacular show before she goes to sleep for winter.

  9. Love your pictures, like your ideas for my border, just read them on my blog

  10. Your autumn colors are beautiful! We finally got rain a couple days ago--I think it will be coming your way. How fun to have your Christmas Cactus blooming!

  11. Wonderful Autumn colours around your place!

  12. Oh what a wonderful view! Lucky, lucky you. Pink and orange is one of my favourite combinations - it always makes me think of India, although I've never been there. My mum was always telling me 'blue and green should never be seen without a colour in between'. But then she often talks rubbish!!!

  13. Gorgeous views and pretty little Christmas cactus. I love those!

  14. yay - it's been soooo pretty! this morning the trees were all aglow!


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