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Tuesday, October 6, 2015


I SENT FOR SOME SEEDS  LIKE THESE FOR THE SPRING; this picture inspired me....

SO IN MY MIND'S EYE, I spent this early morning at my ironing and cutting stations (standing, as my back is still not cooperating for sitting and sewing  ---uf-dah!!)
 free cutting some circles and  petals for a little sunflower wall hanging 
I am planning.

 raw edge-- in the manner that I did my Wonder Women Woven Wall quilt ...
BUT!!! I had to finally come and sit down; 
I am thinking that because I was hobbling around on my sore foot, I threw my back out of alignment....boyoboyo!!  Gettin' older, or advancing as, Mom used to say, is certainly not for sissies!! ;--ooo

So, mesdames, my machine work has come to a screeching halt--gosh I hate that--it 
ALWAYS  looks and feels different when you do that, too--at least for me! 

 I get "on a roll" and if interrupted, it is never quite the same when I return. 
 Well, perhaps this will turn out to be a good thing. 
 Glass half full and all that stuff!! 

Thom goes in for his MRE test in about 1  & 1/2 hours---so, I will be sitting and hand sewing while waiting around...he has to be there 1 &  1/2 hours BEFORE the actual test....hoping he will be able to keep that awful drink down....we are pointedly NOT TALKING about it.  Both on our laptops....

hugs to all and thanks to all of you who wished us well....we appreciate all your good wishes and prayers winging our way.
hugs, Julierose La Blageuse (nerveuse)


  1. what kind of flowers are those? good luck to your hubby

  2. Praying for good results from Thom's MRE. And patience for you both. I'm the same way with stopping in the middle of a project ... it's never quite the same when I get back to it, not to mention that I lose my mojo when I stop, so who knows when I'll ever get back to it. That's why I don't stop if I can help it. ;-)

  3. good luck with the testing and hope your foot and back get better soon. wish I was closer to help you. :-(

  4. praying for good results that drink is awful

  5. The flowers are such a wonderful color! Hope all is well with Hubby's tests. I deal with a bad back so I know how you feel. I try to stand and take a walk but that sitting too long is really hard on our old backs!

  6. Best of luck to your husband. Take good care of your back. Rest and relax!!

  7. Prayers that all went well. Hugs to you, my friend.

    Oh and take care of yourself.

  8. Those sunflowers are amazing! I've never seen them in that colour.

    I hope everything went well with the testing. And that your back feels better soon!


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