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Saturday, October 31, 2015


                                                   CARAMEL CHOCOLATES.......

(And so another month of 2015 RSC finishes....visit super scarey scrappy for more action....

                                  Meanwhile...........a scarey story is unfolding right here ..........

                                                These kittens are all devilishly excited---

                                   Unbenounced to those birds below who are  busy
                                         finding the last of November's pickings.....
                                                 THERE IS PERIL IN THE AIR....................

.                                             could there be a HALL-O-WEEN massacre????

                             And, in the kitchen, Mama is dipping pears in chocolate....
                                                        for a tasty treat.....
                                       Let's hope she corrals those kittens on the prowl....

     AND, THEN...
                             TAP TAP TAP-- YIKES....I HEAR THE SOUND OF HAMMERING......

                               IS SOMEONE NAILING TOGETHER COFFINS IN THE BARN????

                                Beware the ghosts and ghoulies out tonight. MY FRIENDS

                               HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO YOU ALL  ;--0000000 ( LOLOL)

hugs, Julierose, La blageuse (fright-euse)


  1. Who knew chocolate could be so scary? 8)

  2. I noticed that little pear right away.... such pretty fabrics in this :)

  3. it's always fun to see the close ups of your fabrics. It's like those pictures made of pictures. LeeAnna

  4. Chocolate should not be that scary except for those of us with diabetes. :D

  5. What a fright night and all in one lovely block! Great story.

  6. J'aime beaucoup tes blocs chocolat !! Le marron fait souvent partie de les blocs à moi aussi !!
    Happy Halloween JulieRose !

  7. Such scary stories. Love your brown fabrics, so many beautiful hues

  8. I hope the poor kittens survived the night. Who knew chocolate caramel could be so frightening. But in the light of day I see the pear and looks like good things cooking.

  9. It's amazing what can fit into a tiny square. I just love those.

  10. What a charming block you've built - made even more charming by the stories you concocted to go with it!

  11. Awesome scary story to go along with your BROWN block on the Halloween wrap up for the RSC!!

  12. Beautiful box of rich chocolate squares : )


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