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Sunday, October 25, 2015


I'LL BE SLOW SUNDAY STITCHING with Kathy and her friends this rainy afternoon.

I found my Skull (brrrr) and this wonderful dotted fabric for the background of my
                                            "BOO TO YOU"
wall hanging for Halloween.  (Some of those little dots are teeny skulls too!!)

I think Mr. Scarey Pants looks very content surrounded by webs, spiders, bats  and creepy crawlies......

Speaking of spiders.....
there are now three complete webs...as of this morning.....let's see...........29 more to

And this little  one came "out of the closet" (I can hear all the others murmuring and muttering--
"why didn't she get me outta here?????")

I had begun this when I took an online class with Jude Hill at "Spirit Cloth"....a few years ago...
this is all hand work..and my own drawing (gee--can't you tell?? an artiste I am not).

.I need to tack down the woven bottom....this will be a little page keeper
for a friend this year....She is "Ms. Wintercat."....even though she's cold,-- her heart is warm....

hugs to you all on this grey Sunday--hop on over to Kathy's blog to see what hand sewers are up to (see linky above:--)))
Julierose La Blageuse (Adagio-euse)


  1. She looks quite happy you took her out to play! Good luck.

  2. Haven't you been a busy bee!!! I love the piece started in the class you took with Jude Hill - very different!

  3. Boo to you too. Mr. Scary Pants cracked me up ! LOVE it!

  4. Your skull is perfect for the centre. Love those string pieced blocks. The class I took with Jude was the weaving one. The blocks are in my cupboard - somewhere... I like your cat piece.

  5. Lol Way to get into the holiday spirit! Love your spiderwebs too. Haven't attempted any yet, but someday I intend to!

  6. Love your Boo Dresden, spider blocks and kitten. You go girl.
    Beautiful autumn pictures in your last post.

  7. You made me laugh out loud - you can definitely draw, she's a fab cat! I love Jude Hill's work, and I'm sure she'd approve! I really like the way your 'scary pants' tricks you into thinking it's a block made up of conventional fabrics until you get up close - great stuff :)

  8. I like that fabric in the center of your Dresden Plate block.

  9. I am so digging the Halloween dresdens!


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