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Friday, October 16, 2015


Is Count Dracula coming to your house for dinner---better have a plate of "bites" ready for him.....

I do not have ANY Halloween pieces for our own house--I have given them all away.....soooo, here
will be my little table topper....Now for a background--have to dig deep in the DARK recesses of my
scarey stash....:---oooo....

AAAR......who will you be this Hallow's Eve????

I also managed to finish another block on Steven's Quilt...

That makes 5 done out of 35......still a way to go...

Here's his Alto Sax...

And here are the next four set up for my next session--two of the centers are music which
I LOVE   {back/foot permitting ;--)) }

And so, after walking for an actual mile this morning, I am a bit tired, but thinking "Back in the saddle agin'...back where a friend is a friend.."  humming away on my Helga and singing along.

I made a small batch of beef stew for tonight's supper...sure smells good!!

thanks to all of you who sent out good wishes, thoughts and prayers--I am a lot better!!

hugs to all Julierose La Blageuse (fright-euse  )


  1. A walk - that is great progress! your blades look great - very spooky. I'll think of those spiders when the kids and I head to the pumpkin patch this afternoon and tackle the corn maze, bales of hay for climbing and the hay ride around the pumpkin patch. At 83 degrees...it just does not feel like fall but we are going anyway.

  2. I have never thought of making Halloween dresdens but I LOVE IT!!!!

    Steven's quilt is coming along. I love the latest block.

    Glad you are getting back in the saddle again :)

  3. love your dresdan centerpiece. you have quite the Halloween collection of fabrics. Stevens quilt is going to be gorgeous. love it

  4. Love the Dresden, but the blocks for Steven's quilt are coming along too.

  5. I used to have a bunch of Halloween prints but no longer do. But I do have the colors of Halloween in fabric. Just not as much fun.

  6. We never have kids come by
    Anymore, what was wrong Julie?take care,we need you. Love your Dresden

  7. SO glad you are feeling better . . . love your stitching projects!

  8. fun fun halloween project! mmmm stew!


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