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Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Noveau Dame Avec Chapeau...this Lady has a headdress and ; I think she may need a few other things, but for right now I am adding her to my design wall and thinking about her...

My good friend MaryHam (LOL) gave me a whole slew of buttons from her past sewing days and here I have used the purples....

Perhaps some falling blossoms scattered about ..but just not really sure what else to add....

Today I also did some CUTTING for my next endeavor:

Four and 1/2" blocks for the nine patches, 3 and 1/2" squares (using my accuquilt die for these) and some 9 1/2" blocks ....

a WHOLE LOT pf these babies to be sewn...
LOTS and Lots.....1/2 dark and 1/2 lighter....to make the mirror image 9-patch blocks using "Fun With Barb"'s technique.....I am liking it.  BUT

Tell me, could it be my eyes (older than dirt as they are!!), my cutting--but I am very careful, my ruler, my 1/4" seam allowance (or what passes for it on Helga)--they sometimes come out perfect and other times.....not so much...aaargh!

Well, hangin' in with them--have 14 little 9 patches made so far--a long way to go.....
Hugs to all, Julierose, La blageuse (not enjoying this incoming humidity!!)


  1. Not all mine come out perfect either! I love the headdress!

    1. Oh that is good to know that I'm not the only one..Bonnie Hunter said on her quiltcam last night that old straight stitch only machines have feed dogs very close together and machines like Helga have wider spaced ones and by the time you move the needle over to get the right 1/4" the fabric is only being pulled by one side of feed dogs! Makes sense--I do have an old white Singer feather weight that I have to have worked on--am going to try it...can't hurt right??? hugs Julierose

  2. It seem that no matter how carefully I have cut and sewn my patches, they still come out off sized. Oh well, I guess that is the nature of fabric! You're not alone!

    1. I was beginning to think my eyes are really getting wonky--am very nearsighted, but sqooch down and lift up my glasses to check before I cut and when I sew--no wonder my neck gets sore--duh...I appreciate your comment...misery loves company...and all that hugs, Julierose

  3. My cutting isn't exactly perfect either. I think it's easy for me to get tired and not pay attention. Love the lady and her headdress! So elegant!

  4. Mine never turn out perfect either. Gremillans!
    I have recently cut them all to the same size after the sewing, and even that did not result in perfection. But you know we are making these things by hand - sort of - and just so the seams match where they should I fudge the rest. Sometimes that means throwing a block into the far corner along with a few well placed X rated words... or recutting, or remaking the block... or as I did with the Grandgirl Wedding quilt - starting over.... Some one of those solutions should work. Why do we quilt? Remind me that it's fun.


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