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Saturday, July 12, 2014


Just four more to go!  I have 31 finished...loving my Swing Hook a lot...

So for me, it is Christmas in July -- crocheting with the AC on and in the evening watching the Red Sox--but am afraid that..........that ship has sailed!!

Here is what is keeping DH and me busy and a bit tired:

Dog sitting for Libby aka the Liebster! She loves to play in the medium area DH fenced in temporarily for her.  

Isn't she a sweetie?  how lucky are we...we also dog sat for 'Kota last Saturday...

Being a little older she understands that we retired folks aka the old fogies (LOL)
need to sit and rest a bit....

And despite my Fabric diet here are a few that I HAD to have ........hahaha

AND..............this baby!!  LOVE it!!

and (did I post these before??? just thought of that...hmmmm

I just got them because I like them....along with others--talk about a "Binge"....
Hope you are staying cool and having a super Saturday....
Hugs Julierose La Blageuse


  1. Great fabrics! Who can resist them! Your dogs look like wonderful companions. I'm knitting a vest made of super bulky yarn. Who cares it's middle of summer!?

  2. Sweet new fabrics!
    You know you can throw a ball from a deck chair...

  3. nice fabrics and what cute dogs!

  4. Christmas crocheting is coming along and looks great. I was knitting this weekend as I waited for my car to be serviced. those doggies are so precious. I bet they kept you a running! and NOBODY can survive a fabric diet. NOBODY- lol


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