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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

i WORKED REALLY HARD TODAY and /i don;t like this quilt!! Aaargh

You know this quilt is just "not me"...Now that I finished the last two blocks today--6 hours later!!--I don't like it!   AAAARG....hAS THIS EVER HAPPENED TO YOU??  It just doesn't say "me"!!  And my arms are sore and my hands are sore...boo-hoo...I am feeling frustrated and sorry for myself.....

I really don't like this quilt whereas I L O V E Sea Glass.  Also, Microsoft 8.1 just uploaded to my computer and it's all DIFFERENT AGAIN!!  i am really not that computer savvy and I hate CHANGES!  

At any rate, I am going to "gift" this quilt to my mother's nursing home for auction to add $$ to their arts fund.  Maybe someone will enjoy it....in the meantime I have pin basted Sea galss and tomorrow I will prep my room for machine quilting and then --after we pick up my grand dog Libby, i will start to quilt it ....

Whereas, Sea Glass is really my style.....see these low volume and pretty strips!  

i really am excited to begin to quilt these

Now i just love these....

Well, we all make quilt that don;t please us ..I know that--

Today While Tommy painted our bed-bathroom  and I finished up those blocks I looked up at the design wall and asked myself--W H Y???? BUT...then...all of my scraps--except for a few--are all 
G O N E !!!

Perhaps, someone will love it...but I certainly don't....

And so it goes....

Hugs to all, your disappointed Julierose, La Blageuse....


  1. I am so sorry that you are so disappointed with your quilt blocks. Sometimes sewing the blocks together and then quilting it makes some magic happen and it ends up looking great. I think it is a great idea to use it as a donation quilt.

    1. Perhaps, Ellen; I think my mindless sewing was a bit "too" mindless this time around...but someone else may like it...hugs

  2. Well, I like to try out all different types of quilts, so I guess you have to expect to be disappointed once in a while...but, hoping some one will love it...offering it to auction at my Mom's Nursing home..thanks Ellen..I will finish it though. but...not happily...hugs, Julieros

  3. Sorry to hear you are disappointed by this quilt. I say you can't not like scrappy. Maybe once it is quilted you will feel differently. I hope to enjoy some coffee on the patio in the morning that a neighbor brought me today that he picked up while in Costa Rica. Nothing like a nice cup of hot coffee while enjoying the outdoors.

  4. It will bring happiness to the buyer, and art supplies for the residents... they'll be happy, too. What a generous gift.

    1. I hope so Terri--I did enjoy the sewing...as ever...hugs

  5. sorry you feel that way - :(
    it's a lot of work to not be happy with it. I'm glad it will raise funds and someone else is sure to love it!

  6. I feel for you, it's awful when you sew all day and at the end of the day dont like what you've made. I think it looks wonderful, and I know someone else will too.

  7. your quilt will be loved by the lucky person who gets it. and it is raising funds. we all have quilts we dont feel anymore. why that is how UFOs are born! we started and thought we loved the color, pattern etc until the next best thing came along. then it becomes a 'what was I thinking" and hangs around until we feel sorry and finish them up. (thats my story and I m sticking to it)


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