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Sunday, July 27, 2014


Here's a "sneak peek" at my newest project--I've been making little nine patches--two sets at a time and now have 13 positive/negative sets.  
I am using Barb's method and I am loving it--Can you guess what I will be making??  (No fair telling Barb--as you already are in the know ;-)). I have begun to sew a lot more slowly and to measure twice and cut once (hopefully!!).

Here's the latest "Crazee"--As you can see--I removed her headdress--it was TOO BIG! I haven't as yet figured out how to make her face stand out a bit more--but for all intents and purposes, I have finished with Miss Tristesse for now:
Here are some shots of the Slow Saturday evening stitching I did while my DH was out playing a gig...

A few thousand (!) French Knots in variegated Caron thread;

And here I created a leafy bower to surround her and I just love that thread color--DMC 830--it goes with just about anything! 

A scattering of fallen flowers...and for now, I am out of ideas....
I always seem to need to add something more on the right of these blocks--will be pondering this some more--but thinking right now that when I butt them together those areas will yield more embellishing opportunities...we'll see...

I am now going to laze about and read, do a crossword puzzle and I'll leave you with what kept me busy yesterday--a surprise--

Look who came to play with us--Willa and Fiona--what a fun time. 
They just love my deck of "Charlie Brown" playing cards--who knew???  
Hugs, Julierose La blageuse Grand'mere


  1. Your granddaughters are beautiful! Bet you had a lot of fun with them. Love your projects! Wish I was half as artistic as you!

  2. I saw Barb's tutorial, haven't tried it yet but looks like a great method. I need to take your advice and slow down when piecing, it is so easy to get off. Can't wait to see what you are going to do with those nine patches. Adorable grand kids!

  3. the girls look like they are having fun! and you and hubs too! nice picture. those little 9 patches are fun arent they? I cant wait to make more for my relaxing robin. someday I hope to get to sew again....... nice embroidery on those blocks my friend.

  4. Sweet little grandgirls! So they love CB... who knew is right. Seems they are too young to know the comics.


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